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Change and being able to adapt is key for any business and especially more so during this unprecedented time. Since March 2020, we have changed the way our business operates to ensure safe working conditions for our own employees and customers. We have also played an integral part in ensuring our economy continued to more forward despite the setbacks and limitations. Over the past few months, we’ve provided tents, hand wash stations, tables, and chairs to a number of major industrial job sites, commercial shipyards, day care centers, and restaurants in efforts to increase social distancing between their employees and clients to ensure that businesses could continue to operate as safe as possible.


Shifting our business temporarily away from the wedding industry towards commercial and industrial clients was a change that we would not have otherwise anticipated or sought out.

We are grateful for the connections we’ve built with these employers and with companies in our community, but also look forward to the next wedding season. 


For the team at VER, the Covid pivot has given us an opportunity to change, grow and come up with creative solutions. We are so excited to continue with that momentum!

 The VER Team 

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